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The Visible Ops Handbook - Reviews

What readers are saying about Visible Ops Handbook

“A frequent complaint of ITIL consultants is that not many ITIL implementation tools are publicly available. For the experienced IT Service Management practitioner, it sometimes seems we have to re-invent the wheel each time. Visible Ops fills a big part of that void. It provides a practical insight in how to kick-start an IT Service Management improvement effort. Its common sense approach and very readable style give this book a mandatory place in the library of any IT manager. Visible Ops is indeed comparable to the manual for an Emergency Room of a hospital. I particularly liked the fact it does not pretend to be an operational ‘bible’ for the phases beyond the ER.

“Visible Ops describes four steps to control an IT environment. The unassailable logic behind these steps is based on the practical experience of the authors, Gene Kim and Kevin Behr. These same steps can easily be mapped to any maturity model and Visible Ops hence describes a roadmap to maturity.

“The first two phases of Visible Ops help organizations control the infrastructure. The third Visible Ops phase helps organizations control the services, in the spirit of Service-Oriented Architectures and IT Service Management. The last phase of Visible Ops helps organizations control the strategic value, which provides an opportunity for IT to align itself with the business and to gradually maximize its ‘bang for the buck’. The easy mapping between the Visible Ops phases and any maturity model validates the compelling logic of the book.”

Jan Vromant

ITSM Consultant

“Gene and Kevin have hit the proverbial ‘IT nail’ right on the head. When I educate customers on the benefits of documented and repeatable procedures such as ITIL and COBIT, they are always concerned about the complexity and where to start. Visible Ops creates a logical starting point and details the key ‘issues and indicators’. This handbook is a ‘must read’ for IT Managers and Directors who are implementing a mandate from their CIO or Board of Directors to become compliant for auditors and federal regulations.”

Henry E. Wojcik

Director, Enterprise Service Management, Network Data Systems, Inc.

” ‘The Visible Ops Handbook’ is the Rosetta Stone that the IT industry and its leadership have been seeking to allow them to communicate the value of ITIL to the business. Visible Ops is simple and clear, provides a roadmap of how to make an IT department not only perform better, but also to deliver more value back to the business. Without doubt, each of the four steps they outlined have value and are well supported.”

Daniel S. Waite

Senior Consultant, BMC Software

“Visible Ops is a methodology that comprehensively responds to major issues I have raised over and over again in my long career in financial and technology auditing. To attest to the reliability of systems, I need to see: controls in place, controls documented, controls communicated, and evidence of the controls in action. Visible Ops supports processes to answer the auditors’ eternal question: ‘How do we know…?’ ”

Ruby Christina Bauske, CPA, CIA, CISA, CISSP

Lead Technology Auditor

“Finally, a ‘Best Practice’ that is based upon research and industry knowledge. Too often, best practice papers are written with little or no influence or research from those actually performing the work in the real world. This approach is a step by step, methodical approach for any organization looking to get a grip on Change Management and improve operations. The books format and introduction of methodologies will set the pace for all future publications!”

Charles Hornat

Global Information Security Manager

“This is a very valuable resource for anyone just getting started. If this resource had been available when I was putting together the Change Management plan for our department, It would have saved me many hours of research. I highly recommend it as both a reference and developmental tool. It will help you identify the processes and order in which you should develop and implement the various ITIL BS 1500 process areas. More importantly the tips for audit preparation will help you identify the specific areas of improvement and help you identify and target areas requiring an organizational culture change. Well written, easy to follow, with good examples; It has everything you need from beginning development through the measuring the results.”

Jackie Shaffer

Systems Project Administrator, Florida Department of Education

“Change management done wrong is painful and cumbersome and results in a lot of ‘fire fighting’. Change management that is effective, though, enables IT operations and information security to work more efficiently and better support business groups. It also makes audits easier to pass and perform. This book clearly explains, in a practical and manageable approach, what it takes for organizations to implement change management that really works. If organizations will agree to follow the approach in this book and then stick to it, they will soon begin to see how structured, disciplined change management will actually make their lives easier, will not stifle responsiveness or flexibility, and will help to extinguish many of the fires.”

Craig Morgan, CISSP

Principal Security Consultant, Enspherics, a division of CIBER

“Visible Ops provides the IT practitioner at any level with a catalytic approach to improving operational controls. The Visible Ops toolset helps organizations find a toehold in spite of sheer cliffs of chaos. If you are looking to start or improve configuration management, champion a repeatable server provisioning process, and institute meaningful metrics that breed quality decisions, Visible Ops is the place to start.”

Bill Shinn

Information Security Analyst

“Visible Ops provides a clear cut methodology and practice to finally contain the rampant change I have been fighting with or ignoring due to lack of time and resources. The layout provides a scaleable template that fits around any size shop to get back in control, and then actually stay there for longer than one patch or product release.”

Troy Thompson

Director Technology Operations, IATFF, Thompson Group International

“This is something I would want to have in my toolkit, a pocket knife, a can of sterno, a compass and this guide.”

Ron Zika

Senior Consultant for Waypoint

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