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Visible Ops Private Cloud - Reviews

What readers are saying about Visible Ops Private Cloud

“It’s not just another picture of architecture or analysis of best practices versus potential pitfalls. It is a ‘tour de force’ description on how to get there. Authors Andi Mann, Kurt Milne, and Jeanne Morain understand what’s going to go wrong for those who fail to adopt the right disciplines. They know that virtualization, with its ability to cut and paste servers, both improves resource utilization and magnifies missteps. They forewarn and forearm IT managers for the battle with the forces of disorder they are about to confront.”

Charles Babcock

Editor-at-large, Information Week

“Visible Ops Private Cloud is a tremendous resource for organizations looking to develop and deploy a private cloud. The book’s four-phased deployment approach provides a succinct roadmap to implementing a private cloud that is tailored to the unique needs of each business.”

Roger Pilc

General Manager Virtualization and Automation, CA Technologies

“Andi Mann, Kurt Milne and Jeanne Morain are the experts who share their immense knowledge in this book. The ‘Visible Ops Private Cloud’ is a great book for all IT Professionals who are in the process to plan, build, maintain or optimize their datacenter into a strategic dynamic delivery center. A must read for every IT Pro who is interested in private cloud deployments.”

Ruben Spruijt

Technology Officer, PQR

“The infrastructure and architecture aspects of private cloud offer exciting technical challenges. But making users comfortable with renting resources and getting internal IT to shift to a service perspective is the real magic of private cloud success. ‘Visible Ops Private Cloud’ addresses both the technical and human factors that maximize your chance of getting it right the first time.”

Steve Gerick

Consulting IT Executive

“Our clients are striving to leverage the benefits of virtualization technology, but are focused on managing the business and operational risks. As is true with all new and changing technology, it is important to have a process to implement as well as sustain the technology in order to realize the value envisioned. The ‘Visible Ops Private Cloud’ book offers practical, specific guidance on how to do just that.”

Jeff Weber

Managing Director, Protiviti

“Part of private cloud computing’s opacity is the mysterious starting point that will best ensure maturation and long-term effectiveness. The clarity of approach and the amount of actionable information in this book keenly indicates the quality of market research ITPI has done on the commonly treacherous practice of virtualization.”

Louis Troise


“Virtualization is a great example of the saying, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ Organizations that jump into cloud computing without a solid plan are doomed to firefighting and frustration. This guide outlines the plan that will put enterprise IT on the right path toward private cloud.”

Dwayne Melançon, CISA

Products Executive, Tripwire, Inc.

“The impact of virtualization on our data centers will be comparable to how the steam engine changed the manufacturing sweatshops of the 19th century. Traditional wisdom no longer applied, and new economic laws were introduced. The economic laws on how virtualization will change our IT sweatshops into private clouds are being written as we progress, and the ‘Visible Ops Private Cloud’ handbook is definitely one of the better and more pragmatic examples.”

Gregor Petri

Cloud Blogger, Cloud Academy Founder

“HCL now has broad experience helping our clients implement cloud solutions spanning public and private clouds. The Visible Ops approach captures many of the lessons we think are key for project success. This handbook offers a solid four-phased approach to implementing a private cloud program.”

Kalyan Kumar

Worldwide Head of Cross Functional Services, HCL Technologies Ltd – ISD

“The ‘Visible Ops Private Cloud’ handbook both identifies and navigates through the obstacles to implementing a private cloud within the enterprise. It contains a compilation of best practices from top-performing IT organizations that will benefit anyone on their journey to the private cloud.”

Joel Kehle

Cloud Architect, Qualcomm

“We’ve helped a broad range of clients with private cloud solutions. The key success factors are increasingly clear. ‘Visible Ops Private Cloud’ lays out a path that can help you learn from the experiences of others and accelerate time to success.”

Ramprasad Kan

Chief Technologist, Wipro Technologies

“Like first explorers, IT leaders have been left on their own to find a path to the new world of private cloud. Now, with this book as a guide, private cloud adopters can avoid many of the risks and misadventures experienced by those who went before them.”

Paul Burns

President, Neovise

“The authors have done their homework. There are a lot of moving pieces in a private cloud solution. This book condenses a broad range of considerations and recommendations into a simple guide that will help you bring it all together and ensure your private cloud success.”

George Spafford

Author, ‘Visible Ops Handbook’

“ITPI has done it again! Mann, Milne, and Morain have demystified the complexity of virtualization and the private cloud while leveraging the time-tested effectiveness of Visible Ops. IT is in a unique position, providing a bird’s-eye view of the flow of value to the customer. This comprehensive work makes the high-risk undertaking of a private cloud initiative accessible to all by providing clear guidance based on a solid methodology. A must-read if your organization is considering a private cloud.”

Mike Orzen, CMA, CFPIM, PMP

Co-author of the Shingo Prize-winning book, ‘Lean IT: Enabling and Sustaining Your Lean Transformation’

” ‘Visible Ops Private Cloud’ is a worthy addition to the Visible Ops series, taking it to a new level of usefulness and relevance. This much-needed book captures and extends the spirit of the original Vis Ops book by tackling virtualization and cloud computing head on, providing practical methods that make the successful creation and management of competitive private cloud computing environments achievable.”

Steve Darby

Vice President of Engineering, IP Services

“Our customers are often on the fast track deploying private clouds and deciding what role next-generation architectures will play in their data centers. Over the next decade, these technologies will deliver business growth and sustainable competitive advantage. This book lays out a logical and focused approach to optimizing the full potential of virtualization and automation while examining the critical success factors of people, process, and technology.”

Stephen Elliot

Vice President of Strategy, Virtualization & Automation CSU, CA Technologies

“Cloud computing is changing the way businesses run. This new paradigm shift is centered on cloud computing as the path to new innovation and corporate agility. Cloud requires more than technology and hardware but the ability to understand the impact that it has on process, and most importantly people. The ITPI recognizes what is needed to execute on a successful cloud initiative and has assembled a solid set of recommendations that help focus and manage the journey to the private cloud.”

Carlos Granda

IT Services Executive