Change Configuration and Release Performance Benchmark

Change Configuration and Release Performance Benchmark

With this benchmark, you can improve the practices that consistently rank as most important for operational excellence. You can compare your IT organization’s use of 57 change configuration and release practices, and 15 performance measures, to 341 top, medium, and low performing organizations in the study.

This benchmark includes the IT Change, Configuration and Release Performance Study research report.

Analysis reveals that many of the commonly recommended ITIL practices don’t predict top levels of

performance. This study finds that 7 key performance drivers to predict top levels of performance, and should be implemented by organizations seeking to improve their performance.

This simple benchmark asks 57 questions about change configuration and release practices. It also covers 15 questions about a range of common operations and security measures, and 15 demographic and size comparison markers.

The output is a simple and compelling color coded comparison of your practices and performance to the population of North American IT organizations studied in the research.

Once you submit your answers, you will have immediate online access to a 17 page customized benchmark report that shows:

  • Color coded dashboard that compares your use of key performance drivers and overall performance.
  • Detailed comparison of 7 key performance drivers and 57 individual practices.
  • Detailed comparison of 15 measures and 15 demographic and size comparison markers.
  • Linkage of key performance drivers to specific impacted measures, so you can easily identify practices that can be improved to raise performance.

A .PDF copy of your benchmark report will be e-mailed to you when you submit the responses to the benchmarking survey, so you can easily distribute your results within your organization.

For more information about the results of the study Download a free Executive Snapshot of the Change Configuration and Release Performance Study.