The Visible Ops Book Series

Prescriptive Guidance

The Visible Ops book series provides simple, practical, step-by-step advice on how to quickly gain the biggest benefit from proven best practices. These slim but powerful handbooks are the ideal way to get an IT organization to rally behind a simple approach to operational excellence.

The Visible Ops Handbook has sold over 400,000 copies. Now Visible Ops Security gives security professionals a companion guide the follows the simple prescriptive style of this popular series.

The Visible Ops Handbook

Since 2000, we have met with hundreds of IT organizations and identified eight high-performing IT organizations with the highest service levels, best security, and best efficiencies. What was most amazing about these eight organizations was what they shared: a common way of managing change, a culture of causality, and value placed on controls that were both visible and auditable.

Visible Ops reflects the lessons learned about how these organizations work and describes a control-based entry point into the world of ITIL. Organizations can use Visible Ops to springboard their own process improvement efforts.

Visible Ops Security - 2nd Edition

Since The Visible Ops Handbook was published, the IT Process Institute has studied and benchmarked more than 850 IT organizations to gain deeper insights into what enables high performers to excel. This research shows that high-performing information security and IT operations groups often achieve their performance breakthroughs using the same approaches and techniques.

Visible Ops Security describes how information security professionals can break through organizational silos and add value to other IT stakeholders by embedding information security controls into daily operations of change management, access management and incident management, and working security controls into upstream activities such as project management, development and release management processes.

Visible Ops Private Cloud

Visible Ops Private Cloud presents a four-phased approach for managing the development and rollout of a private cloud. It was written with and created for enterprise IT executives and data center managers who are responsible for the success of private cloud initiatives.

The book is based on the study of enterprise IT organizations that have implemented private cloud solutions. It includes ITPI’s in-depth analysis of the key competencies these organizations have in common. It is also grounded by the authors’ more than 60 years of combined experience in systems management, virtualization, and IT process management.