IT Strategic Alignment Performance Benchmark

With this benchmark, you can identify ways to improve your strategic value to the business. We identify your IT organization’s IT Value Archetype and compare organizational attributes to 269 organizations in three archetype groups. You can also compare your IT organization’s use of 49 strategic alignment practices in five areas, and 16 alignment performance measures.

This benchmark includes the Strategic Alignment Performance Study research report.

The benchmark compares your use of a set of build block competencies that IT organizations should follow

as they expand focus from providing utility services, to helping optimize business processes, and technology enabling products and services.

This simple benchmark asks 9 IT attribute questions to identify your archetype. It also asks about your use of 49 alignment practices and 16 alignment performance questions. IT also includes 15 demographic and budget comparison markers.

The output is a simple and compelling color coded comparison of your practices and performance to the population of North American IT organizations studied in the research.

Once you submit your answers, you will have immediate online access to a 20 page customized benchmark report that shows:

  • Your IT Value Archetype, with 93% confidence, as compared to 269 IT organizations in the study.
  • Your answers for nine attributes compared to three archetype groups.
  • Dashboard that compares your use of strategic alignment practices and performance measures to the three archetype groups.
  • Your use of 11 practices that are shown to best predict highest levels of strategic alignment performance.
  • Summary comparison of key alignment challenges and enablers.

A .pdf copy of your benchmark report will also be e-mailed to you when you submit your answers, so you can easily distribute your results within your organization.

We recommend you use the list of questions that will be mailed with your login, to collect information from your team before you login to enter the data.


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