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E-mail List

ITPI has an opt-in policy for people who wish to receive emails with quarterly newsletters and other pertinent information as it relates to the organization’s ongoing research and benchmarking activities. If you no longer want to receive these email communications send an email to with an opt-out notice and you will be removed.


In order to offer our Services and to better respond to any problems Users, Subscribing Organizations and Members may experience with the Services or corporate website, ITPI uses cookies.

Information Technology Process Institute (ITPI) Privacy Statement

We do not reveal any personally identifiable information that we collect about Site Users, Subscribing Organizations, or Members, our information about your use of the website to anyone else.

ITPI may collect personally identifiable information (such as your name, e-mail addresses, and mailing address, phone number) during registration for both for fee and free services and products such as our books, surveys, assessments, or our e-Newsletter.

ITPI uses such information only for its own internal purposes such as improving our services, providing technical support, or sharing information about our work. We will not sell, rent or release personally identifiable information, including your e-mail address, to any other party except with explicit permission. We maintain an opt-out list and honor any requests to be removed from e-mail communications.

Special circumstances include the following: ITPI may disclose or access personally identifiable information in special cases if:

  1. it is required to do so by law or to comply with legal process served on ITPI, this Website or a Site, or
  2. we have a good faith reason to believe that disclosing or accessing such information is necessary or appropriate in order to:
  3. identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be violating or threatening to violate ITPI’s, its Third Party Providers’ or this Website’s Terms of Service, Privacy Statement or policies or causing or threatening to cause injury to or interference with the Services or ITPI’s, its Third Party Providers’ or its Members’ or any third party’s rights or property,
  4. protect and defend the Services, or ITPI’s, its Subscribing Organizations’, Members’, Third Party Providers’ or this Website’s rights or property,
  5. act under exigent circumstances to protect the safety of the Services, or of ITPI’s Subscribing Organizations, Members, Third Party Providers, this Website or the public, or
  6. identify, confirm or assess a violation or threatened violation of ITPI, its Third Party Providers’ or this Website’s Terms of Service, Privacy Statement or policies, or injury to or interference or threatened injury to or interference with the Services or ITPI’s or its Subscribing Organizations’, Members’ or any third party’s rights or property.

Aggregate Data

ITPI automatically gathers information on an aggregate basis about the applications, services and pages people visit and use. Personally identifiable information cannot be linked to any of this information. ITPI uses demographic information and profile data (ZIP or postal code, industry type, and organization asset size and employee size) to create profiles that help us attract Third Party Providers and Sponsors. ITPI does reserve the right to identify Members and Subscribing Organizations for ITPI’s own promotional purposes.

Third Party Providers and Sponsors

Personally identifiable and other information may also be collected by our Third Party Providers and Sponsors when Users, Subscribing Organizations or Members view or access pages, or view or respond to an advertisement or promotion offered by one of our Third Party Providers on this Website, the Sites or Third Party Provider websites. Collection and use by a Third Party Provider of any information that is transmitted to a Third Party Provider will be subject to such Provider’s privacy policy, and ITPI has no responsibility or liability for such independent policies or the Providers’ use of such information. Although we choose all partners carefully, we advise that all Members review a Third Party Provider’s privacy statement prior to registering for or using their service.