IT Controls Performance Study

Spending on IT controls and best practices continues to rise. However, IT executives want to see a strong business case for spending on IT audit and IT control activities.

ITPI’s groundbreaking study of top performers shows that IT audit and control related activities are not just a necessary cost but actually improve operating performance!

With the help of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, Florida State University, and University of Oregon — we analyzed the survey responses of 98 organizations and studied 63 COBIT controls and 25 performance measures.

Key findings of this groundbreaking research suggest:

  • Best practices outlined in the ITIL and COBIT frameworks improve performance
  • 21 Foundational Controls have the biggest impact on performance measures
  • Organizations that use Foundational Controls have significantly higher performance

Organizations that use Foundational Controls have:

  • 12% to 37% less unplanned work
  • 12% to 26% higher change success rate
  • 2.5 to 5.4 times higher server to system administrator ratio

For the price of sending another IT employee to an ITIL foundations class you get:

  • Empirical evidence that can guide ongoing IT audit and control investment decisions
  • A list of Foundational Controls that have the highest impact on performance
  • Details needed to create a business case for ITIL and COBIT projects